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Teaching Global Environmental Governance

About a year into my new position, I have now dived into teaching. Immersed really.

I like it a lot - especially when students are happy about the course design and its didactics.

Recently, I have taught, together with Fariborz Zelli, now for the second time, the ClimBEco course on

Global Environmental Governance Today – Actors, Institutions, Complexity

We apply a mixture of theory heavy lectures and much more applied seminars and simulations, and even had a game of Bruno Latour’s Politics of Nature as a premier this year. The concept has just won the Prize for International Student Teaching by the ECPR Standing Group Teaching and Learning Politics. Lucky us, the students seemed to like it, too ;D

GEG 2020 survey

Student responses on a scale from 1 (super useless) to 5 (super helpful), 50 % anonymous response rate.